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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Purpose of Masonic Knowledge

Ezekiel M. Bey, FPS

Socrates had knowledge, Hippocrates did also
Alexander was great, the Egyptians more-so
We had several Ramses, many different Pharaohs
All were great in knowledge, sharper than an arrow

Galileo’s wisdom in mathematics and physics
his historical achievements that anyone can visit
you can read of his knowledge, of telescopes and graphs
he improved the compass to view the sky so vast

So what is knowledge, many men have asked
Masonic Knowledge taking some to task
Have you not seen the perambulation?
Have you not witnessed circumambulation?

Do you understand the way the sun travels?
Or the Mental light given you above all mammals
Masonry is life and a life is living
Masonry is light when light is given

Masonry is living according to its laws
Masonry is aiding by the lion’s P**
You’ve received some handshakes but all of them will slip
So achieve the knowledge of the Master’s grip

All of this is done by the heart and mind
By the spirit-soul which we hold divine
By our obligations which we cannot dodge
By our invocation summoning our GOD

Try to understand from the inner soul
Binding with your spirit to achieve your goal
Your whole life’s the preparation for another life
Not a life existing through the flesh or sight

So as we finish, don’t confuse the “ending”
The beginning cycle, spirit life ascending
All the knowledge gained in Universities
Don’t amount to life, living Masonry.

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