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Thursday, March 30, 2017

2017 "30 Guns in 30 Days" Fundraiser with Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM

We are proud to announce that we have officially kicked off our 2017 Fundraiser!

As many of you know, the Masons are always looking for ways to help those in need within our communities. We are able to do this through the implementation of fundraisers such as this.

We hope you will partner with us again this year by making a small donation to help us continue with this long standing goal. It is our hope that you will also have a great time while doing so!

In return for your gracious donation, you will be entered into a raffle during the month of September that could possibly win you an awesome gift!

This gives you an opportunity to make a difference in your community as well and have FUN while doing so!

Thank you all, in advance, for your continued support, prayers, and financial contributions! Without YOU, the accomplishments made, would not be possible!

Bro Derik Rushing
Worshipful Master
Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM

30 Guns in 30 Days" 2017 Fundraiser / Gun or Merchandise Give-A-Way!

Presented by: Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM as a fundraiser for 2017.

Drawing to be held: September 1st - 30th, 2017

You do not have to be present to win!

If your ticket is drawn, you may choose the firearm or a gift certificate worth that day's cash prize amount, both redeemable via a gift card from Scrugg's in Tupelo.

Daily values of prizes range from $250.00 to $1200.00!!! 

A donation of $30.00 per ticket gives you a chance to win one prize per day for the entire month of September. That means you actually have 30 chances to win! If you do the math, that averages out to only $1.00 per day, per chance!

Because Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM is a, "not for profit, fraternal organization," your donation is also tax deductible.

Only 1000 tickets will be sold in order to increase each persons odds of winning. Due to the limited number of tickets printed, make sure you get your ticket before they are gone because NO additional tickets will be printed or made available for this particular raffle! 

Guns and merchandise have been provided by Scrugg's Farm, Lawn, and Garden in Tupelo, Ms. through a joint partnership with our Masonic lodge. This is the second year they have helped us make this a possibility.

The daily winner will receive the "firearm of the day" or a "gift certificate" from Scrugg's for the monetary value listed on the brochure/calendar below, for that particular days give-a-way.

If you elect the gift certificate in lieu of the firearm, you will be able to use it towards the purchase of either a gun, rifle, bow, pistol, hunting equipment, or any other merchandise of your choice, of equal value to the firearm given away on that day (The firearm of the day and values have been predetermined and are listed on the calendar below). It can however, also be used "towards" the purchase of any other item, even if the amount of that item exceeds the value of the gift certificate provided. You will of course have to pay the difference should you elect to do so.

You can see any of the members of Tupelo No. 318 to purchase your ticket(s).

However, if you are not local, and would like a ticket mailed to you, please send a check or money order only, in the amount of $30 per ticket. Please, NO cash if mailed.

Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM assumes NO responsibility for either money or tickets that could potentially be lost in the mail.

Be sure to include your name, telephone number and return address.  Once received, we will mail your ticket(s) back to you. Please contact Bro. Derik Rushing, Worshipful Master, by email, Rushingderik@bellsouth.net ,once your donation is mailed. Your information will be recorded to assist us in our prompt follow up.

Please mail to:

Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM
1090 South Veterans Memorial Blvd
Tupelo, MS 38804

By participating in this drawing / fundraiser/ give-a-way, you agree to the terms and use described by our notice and /or disclaimer.

* By law, winners must be 18 years old to win a long gun, rifle, or shotgun, 21 years old for handguns. Gift certificates of equal value (see calendar), will be issued for merchandise if winner is under age. 

* This fundraiser and drawing was originated and will be conducted in the state of Mississippi. All sales, transfers, registration, or involvement ,relating to any of the firearms which are given away, will be conducted solely by Scruggs Farm, Lawn, & Garden, under a Federal Firearms License (FFL). 

* All applicable State and Federal laws will be strictly followed and adhered to.


* Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM reserves the right to modify the rules for the raffle / fundraiser, with or without notice, based on the total number of tickets actually sold, out of the 1000 ticket lot printed, or due to availability of specific firearms at time of drawing.

* Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM will post a notice of the daily winner on our lodges Facebook page.

Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM







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    For starters, masons are interested ONLY in accepting those that hold some position of importance or authority in society. If it is a would be or actual politician than even better! Masons do NOT accept regular joes, homeless, or unimportant lazy folk. Second, the hook is the so-called Believe in a Higher Being nonsense (be it Jew, Christian, Buddhist, Muslim etc.). Third, as the mason progresses through the stages in the craft, the end goal for him is to realize that He does not need God because the transformation has occurred whereby the member realizes he is a God unto himself. Moreover, the ceremonies he participates in are Occult period and anti-Catholic (Christian), Muslim, Jewish, and Buddhist. They are demonic period.
    Fourth, it is the duty of every mason not to knowingly or wittingly do harm, talk bad about or tell on his fellow mason. And, when a fellow mason is in need or danger to help him above all else. Therefore, this is the WHY it is so simple for the pedophiles within the occult mason organization to easily rape, molest, enter children with impunity. Some use mikey Finn, or simply get vulnerable children in exchange for cash to their families who need it. No fellow mason can, or is allowed by their own acceptance of the rules when entering the craft, to "tell" on one another. Hence, the perfect crime.
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    And lastly, If one is a Catholic one cannot become a freemason. DO NOT be fooled by the masons and their lies. It is a mortal sin and excommunication to follow. If it were up to me i would banish masonry peiod, jail the pedophiles and bring forth to the Hague International Court all masons to pay for their Crimes Against Humanity. Hopefully, some day, this will occur.


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