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Sunday, July 8, 2012


By JOHN H. SHEPPARD, late of Boston, Mass. 

Ah, when shall we three meet, like them
Who last were at Jerusalem? For three there were, but one is not, -
He lies where Acacia marks the spot.
Though poor he was, with kings he trod;

Though great, he humbly knelt to God;
Ah, when shall those restore again
The broken link of friendship's chain?

Behold, where mourning beauty bent
In silence o'er his monument,
And widely spread in sorrow there
The ringlets of her flowing hair! 

The future Sons of Grief will sigh,
While standing round in mystic tie,
And raise their hands, alas! to
Heaven, In anguish that no hope is given.
From whence we came, or whither go,
Ask me no more, nor seek to know,
Till three shall meet who formed, like them;

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  1. This is a most fitting post to your blog on this blessed Sunday morning. Thank you for taking the time to keep this blog regularly updated with some great content and list if current events. It reinforces the fact that Masonry is alive and well. Great job, you have set the bar high for other lodges. I have forward all your links to my GL for them to see what Masonry can provide to brethren of the social media age. Excellent work my brother!

    1. Thank you for your comment. Hope you will visit us again soon!


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