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Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Purple & The Gold

Ezekiel M. Bey

I once knew a young Freemason
Who learned the ritual good
He strived to wear a collar
Masonic giants wore
He learned the
1st  degree lecture
The middle chamber was a breeze
The symbolisms and the charges
All through-out the
3rd  degree
Elected Worship Master
The jewel he wore with pride
The square all in the apron
With a large all seeing eye
His chest all out in splendor
His body all erect
He polished all the silver
Of the jewel around his neck
He only lacked one thing
An old Past Master saw
He asked the young Freemason
The meaning of it all
The young Freemason replied
Ignorantly and very bold
“Come on you old Past Master”
“I want the Purple and the Gold”
“I don’t care how I get it”
“So long I’m recognized”
“I’ve done all of the lectures”
“Word for Word I’ve memorized”
The Old Past Master asked
What does the purple mean
The young Freemason said
“It means prestige for Me”
“Have you any idea
What all the Gold is for?”
The young Freemason said
“Another title I can score”
The Old Past Master,
began to shake his head
Began to walk away,
disgust his face displayed
At one Grand Annual election
the young Freemason thought
That he would get positions
To wear what he had thought
He plotted and he planned
What he thought he can under-mind
How he can gain the favor
Of manipulating minds
To his surprise his eyes were open
He just found out, his heart was broken
He thought it was a great disaster
The one elected, the old Past Master
Come young Brother the Past Master called
Let me explain what is this all
You focused wrong, you could not see
You failed to realize the mystery
You should have paid a great attention
What you recited in all the lessons
The greatest thing is understanding
You stood on edge without a landing
All you had wanted was Purple and the Gold
There’s great responsibility in wearing those
The greatest lesson is the foundation
The Lessons lye in your white apron

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