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Sunday, June 10, 2012



 There's a fine old Mason in the land, he's genial, wise and true, 

His list of brothers comprehends, dear brothers, me and you; 

So warm his heart the snow blast fails to chill his generous blood, 

And his hand is like a giant's when outstretched to man or GOD;  

Reproach nor blame, nor any shame, has checked his course or dimmed his fame 
All honor to his name! 

This fine old Mason is but one of a large family: 

In every lodge you'll find his kin, you'll find them two or three; 

You'll know them when you see them, for they have their father's face, 

A generous knack of speaking truth and doing good always; 
Reproach nor blame, nor any shame, has checked their course or dimmed their fame -
Freemason is their name! 

Ah, many an orphan smiles upon the kindred as they pass; 

And many a widow's prayers confess the sympathizing grace; 

The FATHER of this Brotherhood himself is joyed to see 

Their works -they're numbered all in Heaven, those deeds of charity! 

Reproach nor blame, nor any shame, there check their course or dim their fame - 

All honor to their name!

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