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Friday, September 16, 2011

Bro Wayne Stanley, SW - Tupelo Masonic Lodge No 318 F&AM - Update (Stroke) 09/16/2011

Bro Wayne Stanley, SW of Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM is making great improvements daily, with his continued rehabilitation following his stroke. Wayne had progressed enough that the doctors made the decision to release him from North Ms Medical Center and transfer him to Cedars Healthcare Center, located on the campus of Traceway Retirement Community, on September 3rd. After visiting with him, it is very clear that Wayne has returned to his old self. His sense of humor has even attracted the attention of the medical staff. To sum it up, in the words of one of his nurses, "Mr. Stanley has certainly made a name for himself here!". Wayne said that if he continues to improve, he hopes to be released one week from today but as of now, no date has been specifically given by the doctors for his release. Wayne specifically asked that I give his brethren a message, "Tell everyone Hello and let them know that I have missed being in lodge". He also said that, "...everyone is welcomed to come visit me, especially now that I have a big private room of my own!". I encourage you to stop by and visit with him if at all possible, or at least call him. Wayne lights up when you walk in the door and I am sure that it must give him a big boost in his moral to see a brother! His contact information is listed below for anyone who may not know where he is located. Please continue to keep Wayne, his son Chris, JD at Tupelo 318, and his entire family in your prayers.

Cedars Healthcare Center
2800 West Main Street, Room #713
Tupelo, MS 38801-3027
(662) 844-1441

Bro Wayne Stanley

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