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Friday, September 16, 2011

"30 Guns in 30 Days" Give-A-Way - Winner Announced 9/16/11

Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM in Tupelo, Ms is proud to announce the sixteenth winner of our "30 Guns in 30 Days" Give-A-Way fundraiser...

Smith & Wesson 642 .38 Special / Pistol or $400 gift card from Scrugg's Farm & Garden

Donald Wilson
Booneville, Ms



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  1. i'm looking for information on a pistol i inherited from my dad when he died two years ago , he got it when his brother died some ten years ago or so. it's a k22 s&w 22 cal long rifle pistol. it has the masonic insignia engraved on it. my uncle "james harrold reynolds " was said by my mother to be in the higher rankings of the masonic temple/lodge, like 30 or 32 degree , don't know if i'm referring that right. as there are no family siblings or children of my uncle james harrold reynolds that have knowelege of the weapon or it's history. as my uncle and father were fine outstanding men i would like to honor the story about how it all came about that he "my uncle " came by this pistol. if you can resopnd and help me please e-mail me @ csr31965@aol.com i live in gautier ms 39553 telephone 2283824099 he would probably have been masonic in the pascagoula area on the gulf coast thanks thomas reynolds

    1. Please contact the Grand Lodge of Mississippi with your request.

      2400 23rd Ave
      Meridian, MS 39301

      (601) 482-2914


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