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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Bro John Repult - Letter - "30 Guns in 30 Days" - Tupelo Masonic Lodge No 318 F&AM

The following is a copy of an email sent to Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318 F&AM by Bro John Repult in response to the recognition he received from his efforts to promote the "30 Guns in 30 Days" fundraiser. Bro John requested that this be publicly posted.

Follow link to view the original post: Bro John Repult - Award


"Thanks Arnie for the recognition on raffle ticket sales, BUT I did not do this all by myself.

I only sold 165 of the 415 tickets sold by our TEAM.  Brothers Lewis, Carnathan, and Gardner also had great sales plus Bro. Jerry and Anna and Kristen at the Alpha House had approximately 200 sales!  


It was a fun event and the Lodge can finally make a significant impact in our charitable work. I can't wait till next year when we should be able to do even more.

A great big "THANK YOU" to all the ticket sellers AND supporters who bought tickets to help make this project a success!  May GOD bless us all, individually and the USA."

John Repult, PM
Tupelo Lodge #318

Bro John Repult, PM - Tupelo Masonic Lodge No 318 F&AM

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