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Monday, February 6, 2012

Martinism - Education (definition)

Martinism is a form of mystical and esoteric Christianity concerned with the fall of the first man, his state of material privation from his divine source, and the process of his return, called 'Reintegration' or illumination.
The Martinist Seal.
As a mystical tradition, it was first transmitted through a masonic high-degree system established around 1740 in France by Martinez de Pasqually, and later propagated in different forms by his two students Louis Claude de Saint-Martin and Jean-Baptiste Willermoz.
The definition Martinism is a collective term used to describe both this particular doctrine, as well as the teachings of the reorganized 'Martinist Order' founded in 1886 by Augustin Chaboseau and Gerard Encausse (aka Papus).
It was not used at the tradition's inception in the 18th century.
This confusing disambiguation has been a problem since the late 18th century, where the term Martinism already was used interchangeably between the teachings of Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin and Martinez de Pasqually, and the works of the first being attributed to the latter.[1]



Note: Please read Blog Participation Requested - Announcement - Education",  which explains and describes the purpose of this series of topics. This post does not make a statement "for" the following content and does not make claim that it has a direct relation to Freemasonry. It is for educational purposes only! All credit given to for content obtained from Wikipediathe free encyclopedia.

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  1. The modern torch bearer of this tradition is the CBCS (Chevalier Bienfaisant de la Cité Sainte) which constitutes the 'Inner Order' of the Rectified Scottish Rite.

    In America, this Rite is known as the Reformed & Rectified Rite.


    1. There also is the Hermetic Order of Martinists, whose membership is limited to Master Masons who also are Fratres of SRIA (Societas Rosicruciana In Anglia), but at present they exist only in England.


  2. Thank you for the additional information provided.


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