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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Blog Participation Requested - Announcement - Education (Repost)

Originally Posted: Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Throughout the new year of 2012, we will be introducing pieces on various topics involving not only Freemasonry but subjects or terms that have in some way been linked to it. Through much research, it has become evident that Freemasonry has, at one time or another, been associated with people, groups, and subjects that upon thorough examination, actually may or may not, prove to be a historical part of Freemasonry. In fact, it may actually be the other way around. 

Because Freemasonry has always been held in high regards, it would appear that operating under the vast umbrella of Freemasonry may have actually enabled those people or ideas they promoted, to become blindly accepted or adopted by Masons who may have been earnestly searching for knowledge, without first researching the origins of those teachings. 

The goal is to simply, first look at and explore some of those terms and their definitions, that may have been associated with Freemasonry and then to later, dig deeper into those topics, in order to arrive at your own conclusion through education, based off fact, not the claim of association. We will attempt to take specific parts of this content as dispel the mythical relationships that have been made with regard to Freemasonry. The intent is not to spark controversy, but enable unity among our brethren. 

Over the last year, we mainly concentrated on current news, upcoming events and "Blue Lodge" topics, and although this will still be a priority, there is an apparent need for content that will provide education, spur participation, positively promote the ancient craft of freemasonry, preserve it's principals, enlighten fellow brethren and reach a wider audience. These post will be easily identifiable as they will be followed by the word: -Education and -Education (definition). Proper citations, credit, and external links (if available), will be given for all work provided to ensure those responsible for the work receive proper credit.

Each of these post will contain the following "note", which will alert the potential reader of our intent and ensure that there is no unwanted association between the topic being discussed and Freemasonry. 

Note: Please read Blog Participation Requested - Announcement - Education",  which explains and describes the purpose of this series of topics. This post does not make a statement "for" the following content and does not make claim that it has a direct relation to Freemasonry.

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this is solely informative and in no way dictates, makes a statement "for" or "against" the individual topics, nor represents a specific stance that Tupelo Masonic Lodge No. 318, the author(s), or the Grand Lodge of Mississippi takes on any subject. Keep in mind that knowledge (education) and truth is the only goal and one way to gain both is through discussion and examination amongst fellow brethren.

By reading any post within this blog or participating in any discussions, you acknowledge the full legal disclaimer of this blog.  

We hope that 2012 will be a fun and exciting year for Masonry. Your personal support, involvement, and contribution to this blog will directly determine the success or failure when we reflect on our accomplishments at the close of 2012. 

Please remember that there is a place for comments following each post and you are encouraged to participate, keeping within good taste and the guidelines found in the disclaimer. Also, there is a "share" button found near the comments section that will automatically link the blog post to your favorite social media network. Please utilize the tools that have been provided. 

Most importantly, make this blog, "your blog" by contributing. If you have ideas on subjects you would like to see covered, personal writings or research of your own, or content worthy of discussion, please send an email to the webmaster. Please keep in mind that although every attempt will be made to host your submissions, due to our main priority always being that of preservation of the craft, and the protection of the true principals of Freemasonry, all content will be screened and not all will be used. If your submission is from another source or not of your own origin, please include the authors name and any links to their content so that proper credit can be given. If it is a personal work, please include any information you wish to be attached.

Thank you,

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