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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Famous Masons - Overview


Buchanan, James
Ford, Gerald R.
Garfield, James A.
Harding, Warren G.
Jackson, Andrew
Johnson, Andrew
McKinley, William
Monroe, James
Polk, James Knox
Roosevelt, Franklin D.
Roosevelt, Theodore
Taft,William Howard
Truman, Harry S.
Washington, George


Arnold, General Henry "Hap" - Commander of the Army Air Force
Bradley, Omar N. - Military leader
Doolittle, General James - Famous Air Force Pilot
Jones, John Paul - First Admiral of the US Navy
MacArthur, General Douglas - Commander of Armed Forces in Philippines
Marshall, George - General of the Armies
Montgomery, Richard Major General - First General Officer of the Continental Army
Murphy, Audie - Most decorated soldier of WWII.
Pershing, John Joseph - Decorated American Soldier
Rickenbacker, Eddie - Great American Air Force Ace


Cobb, Ty - An original member of the Baseball Hall of Fame
Combs, Earle Bryan - Baseball Hall of Fame
Naismith, James - Inventor of Basketball
Palmer, Arnold - Golf Pro


Clemens, Samuel L. - Mark Twain - writer
Doyle, Sir Author Conan - Writer - Sherlock Holmes
Gable, Clark - Actor
Kipling, Rudyard - Writer
Rogers, Roy - American cowboy and screen star
Shakespeare, William - Writer
Voltaire - French writer and philosopher
Wayne, John - Actor


Clark, Roy - Country Western Star
Key, Francis Scott - Wrote US National Anthem
Mozart, Wolfgang Amadeus - Composer
Smith, John Stafford - Wrote the music that became the US National Anthem.
Sousa, John Philip - Led the US Marine Band from 1880 - 1892


Churchill, Winston - British Leader
Diefenbaker, John G. - Prime Minister of Canada 1957-63
George VI - King of England during W.W. II
Marshall, John - Chief Justice US Supreme Court 1801 - 1835
Marshall, Thurgood - Supreme Court Justice


Aldrin, Edwin E. - Astronaut
Armstrong, Neil - Astronaut
Glenn, John H. - First American to orbit the earth in a space craft
Grissom, Virgil - Astronaut


Austin, Stephen F. - Father of Texas
Bowie, James - Alamo
Clark, William - Explorer
Cody, "Buffalo Bill" William - Indian fighter, Wild West Show
Colt, Samuel - Firearms inventor
Crockett, David - American Frontiersman and Alamo fame
Henry, Patrick - Patriot
Lewis, Meriwether - Explorer
Revere, Paul - Famous American
Travis, Colonel William B. - Alamo


Bartholdi, Frederic A. - Designed the Statue of Liberty
Beard, Daniel Carter - Founder Boy Scouts
Borglum, Gutzon & Lincoln - Father and Son who carved Mt. Rushmore
Dunant, Jean Henri - Founder of the Red Cross
Ford, Henry - Pioneer Automobile Manufacturer
Hoban, James - Architect for the US Capital
Hoover, J. Edgar - Director of FBI
Land, Frank S. - Founder Order of DeMolay
Mayo, Dr. William and Charles - Began Mayo Clinic
Penny, James C. - Retailer
Warner, Jack - Warner Brothers Fame

There are far too many famous Freemasons to be listed here. For more listings, please consult the various internet search engines for "Famous Freemasons"

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