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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The "1911 .45 ACP"... Did you know? Symbolic Relationship Of Endurance To The Pursuit of Justice: The Terrorist Attacks Of 9/11

In humble reflection to today's date and what 9/11, 2001, symbolically represents, how ironic is it that the very firearm we are giving away today as part of our "30 Guns In 30 Days", the 1911, carries with it a legacy all to it's own?

The "1911 .45 ACP"... Did you know?
Did you know the 1911 has been In service from 1911  -present?
Did you know that the number of 1911's built since the year 1911 is in excess of 2.7 million?
Did you know that it is used by 28 different nations as a standard issue military side arm? 
Did you know it served as standard issue U.S. Military service pistol for all the following wars?
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War
And oh' how bitter is the nectar of fruitful justice? For the tried and true, battle tested, cold hard steel of the 1911 to have also seen action recently in operations during the following wars as a non-standard issue, used against the very bastards that carried out 9/11 in such a cowardly way:
  • Gulf War
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina War
  • War in Afghanistan
  • Iraq War

This particular firearm that was selected to be given away was never planned this way, on this day... it just is, what it is!

Some lucky person is minutes away from winning a pistol that comes with its own history, own character, as well as a defining symbol of protection, defense, and liberty...

Which is synonymous with the date 9/11 and the correlation that has been defined by what happened that day, all the things it meant in the War on Terror that ensued, and the voice of triumph over Tyranny today.
The unwavering pursuit of justice that America, The United States of America, with all her might, reached way down and took hold of her fiery intestinal fortitude to hunt down and hold accountable those muslim extremist, cowardly terrorist, known as al-qaeda.
9/11 symbolizes the resilience of America and the 1911 embraces it.
The 1911 that is part of our "30 Guns In 30 Days" is dedicated to the almost 3000 who perished on 9/11.
Until The One True Living Son of God returns, just as The Holy Scripture has promised, We will NEVER forget!
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