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Monday, April 30, 2012

"Building Better Builders Workshop" with Coach John S. Nagy - Upcoming Event Reminder

Note: This event is open to Master Masons ONLY.

Date: Saturday, May 5, 2012

Time: 9:00am until 3:00pm

Location: Fulton Masonic Lodge No. 444 F&AM

Address: 207 S Cummings St, Fulton, MS 38843 - Fulton, Ms.

Ritual is Masonry’s Veiled Road Maps. You must learn how to lift its Veils and read its Maps to Travel its Undiscovered Country. Currently, Standard Freemason Education provides Masons with little to no training to Map Read.

This Workshop steps Masons through Ritual and Reveals to them Masonry’s rarely seen Terrain. Through instruction and examples, this Workshop helps develop Map Reading skills that furthers your Masonic Mastery.

Masons need Transformative Masonic Education! To address this need, Brother John S. Nagy created a series of books, articles and videos showing the Work that brings forth Masonic Mastery. His combined Works now assist Masons toward better Recognizing, Understanding and Executing the Masonic Work to which Freemasonry alludes. Like his other Works, this Workshop brings to Masons a much clearer and cleaner understanding of what is required to Build Better Builders.

This Workshop covers:

*The Actual EA, FC & MM Work

*The Basis Behind The Work

*The Transformation and
Results That Masons Who Do the Work Can Expect

Masonry is the Art and Science of Building. Masonic Education programs should teach Masons How to Build Better Men. Doing the Work that this Workshop reveals brings about Transformation for Masons and those they mentor.

Activities Schedule: 

 9:00-9:25 Breakfast in Lodge Dining Hall

 9:30-9:50 Introductions and Overview

10:00-10:55 The Entered Apprentice Work, Background and Results

11:05-12:00 The Fellow Craft Work, Background and Results

12:00-12:50 Lunch in Lodge Dining Hall

1:00-1:55 The Master Mason Work, Background and Results

2:05-3:00 Three Degree Continuity, Interconnections, Q&A and Wrap-up
3:00-4:00 End

About the Presenter:

Dr. John S. Nagy is a Master Mason and member of Tampa Bay Lodge No. 252 in Tampa Bay Florida. He is also a member of the Florida Lodge of Research No. 999. Brother Nagy is Lodge Musician and a Masonic Education Provider for both Lodges. He is author of the Building Series of books “Uncommon Catechisms for Uncommon Masonic Education” volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4. Coach Nagy is a Business Coach, Technical Advisor, a Florida Certified County Court Mediator and an Approved Assistant Mediator Trainer.

Dr. John S. Nagy

For ticket information and inquiries contact Brn. Danny Newman or Jerry Klein.

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